how to apply eyeliner by yourself

How to apply pencil eyeliner by yourself?

Do you want to learn how to apply pencil eyeliner by yourself? Many people have small eyes and it is quite a difficult task to apply eyeliner on small eyes. You can learn here how to apply pencil eyeliner on small eyes. There are different types of eyeliner products and you need to choose the right eyeliner for your eyes. Some women have very delicate eyes and they cannot use chemical based eyeliner as it can cause irritation in the eyes. Always try to choose natural or herbal based eyeliner.

how to apply pencil eyeliner on small eyesDifferent types of eyeliner products

There are different types of eyeliner products available in the market. The common ones are:

Gel eyeliner: This is the best eyeliner if you really want to make your eyes look sharp. This type of eyeliner is applied by using a brush.

Liquid eyeliner: It is the most common eyeliner. It comes in two types. One comes in a small bottle with a fine brush and other comes in the form of a pen with a tip.

Pencil eyeliner: This is the firstly eyeliner with which you can start with. It is mainly used to line the water line. You can choose good quality pencil eyeliner that can last for a longer time period.

  • Before applying eyeliner, you have to make the clean base. You can apply an eye primer on the eyelid. It will make your skin smooth and it becomes easy to apply the eyeliner. It will also help to keep the eyeliner for a long time.
  • Now, you have to apply the eyeliner. You can use the brush that comes with the eyeliner. Start making a line above your eyelashes. Use small lines. If you make a thick line in the beginning it can create a mess for you, therefore make small strokes at first. After you finish with the one eye, do the same with the other and try to keep the thickness same on both eyes.
  • You can also wing it out if you want to look more attractive and beautiful. You have to extend it to the right angle. Follow the natural line of the lower eyelash. You have to take your time to do this else you will mess it up and have to restart again.


how to apply eyeliner by yourselfMore tips when applying eyeliner yourself

You can read here to know how to apply pencil eyeliner by yourself. The tips will also help to know how to apply pencil eyeliner on small eyes.

  • When you start applying eyeliner always try to rest your elbow at a stable place. This makes it easier and helps you to apply eyeliner with a steady hand. It will give clean and precise finish.
  • Tyr to use a cosmetic mirror as it is double sided. One side has a normal mirror and the other side has a magnified mirror. You can use the magnified mirror to get a finished look.
  • Always keep your eyes down when applying eyeliner as it will help you to make the correct shape.

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