how to make homemade bath salts

How to make homemade bath salts

You can read here to know how to make homemade bath salts. Herbal bath recipes skin made at home are natural and safe that helps to rejuvenate your skin. Homemade milk bath recipes consist of natural ingredients that provide the proper nutrients to your skin. Some of the important homemade milk bath recipes are:

    • You can get soft and supple skin by bathing in milk and honey. Milk has exfoliating property that removes the dead skin cells and helps to make your skin look new. Honey makes your skin soft and provides moisture to the skin. Put about two cups of milk and half a cup of honey in your warm bath water. Mix well and sit in the water for five to 10 minutes to get the real bath experience.

    • You can also get herbal bath recipes skin at home. Epsom salt is an excellent substance that can be added to the bath tub. It is rich in magnesium and relaxes your body. It also provides relief from pain in the muscles and helps in healing of the skin diseases. It regenerates new skin cells and also detoxifies your body. You can add one or two cups of Epsom salt in your bath water. You can also add a few drops of natural oil to provide the best bath to your body.
    • You can also prepare another herbal bath recipe at home to get relaxing and rejuvenating bath. Brew herbal tea and strain the mixture. Take the herbs and tie in a cloth. Put this in your bathwater. You can also use it to rub on your body. It provides good care of the skin.
    • Oatmeal bath recipe is also a great bath recipe. It has many benefits. Put one or two cups of oatmeal in a cloth and tie with at the neck of the tap. Let the water fall into your tub through this. It will release oatmeal water in your tub. You can also scrub your body with the oatmeal. Then rinse your body thoroughly with the warm water.

  • In the warm water add dried ginger. Also add half a cup of honey. Mix it well. Sit in the tub for half an hour or for a longer time if you desire. This helps in giving relief from the joint and muscular pains. It also relieves congestion and skin allergies.
  • You can also use red wine or champagne to bath. Red wine consists of anti-oxidants that lightens the skin and also helps in reducing the signs of aging. It also helps in cleansing the pores and prevents acne. You have to simply pour a glass of red wine or champagne in your bath tub and soak in the tub for half an hour. You will feel more energetic and extravagant after taking such a bath at home.